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Oh, What a Night!

On Thursday night, March 16th, we were treated to such an amazing night of music right here at the library. Lauren Pelon is a multi-talented musician, songwriter and singer that brought her program, ‘The Living Roots of Music’ to Dayton for a one night only performance. The program was held in the Delany Room and this created an truly intimate concert that all enjoyed. Lauren plays a multitude of instruments and her performance traced the story of music from around the world and featured instruments such as; archlute, lute, lyre, recorders, gemshorns, cornamuses, krummhorn, ocarina, hurdry-gurdy, Kiowa courting flute, and more . . . so much more! Many of her instruments are antique and others quite new but all were so beautifully crafted and their sounds were equally beautiful. Lauren has played throughout the US as well as in China, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia and New Zeland. Her travels introduce her to new instruments, music, and songs that she has incorporated into her performances. We were all impressed with her pitch-perfect vocals and her ability to play more then one instrument at a time. All in all it was a great night of music and we have the Friends of the Dayton Memorial Library to thank for this night. Not only did they help to sponsor the cost of the performer but they also provided cookies for us all to enjoy . . . a sweet night all around.
We look forward to bringing more great talent to the library through out this coming year.