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Night Skies, Resumes, Mason bees and more!

We have LOTS of fun things happening at the Library in the coming summer months. July 21st is our ASTRO-BLAST! Star Viewing Party at Blue Mountain Station. We will host a free community dinner (thank you Friends of the Dayton Memorial Library and Dayton Kiwanis) of hot-dogs and hamburgers followed by a presentation from Marty Scott, Astronomy Instructor from Walla Walla College. The Tri-Cities Astronomy Club is also coming to share telescopes and knowledge about our local night skies. This will be a truly memorable evening.
Summer Reading continues with lots of good activities for kids and adults. June 28th (Wednesday) at 2pm the kids can come learn about Mason Bees and make a mason bee house to take home with them that has mason bee larve to hatch. Mason bees are AMAZING little pollinators and so important to our gardens, farms and orchards. They are gently and mellow and not prone to stinging. By increasing our mason bee populations we take some of the work load off our honeybees.
Dian Ver Valen will be providing a free 4 week resume/cover letter class that can help you prepare for job hunting or advancement in your current field. Classes start July 11th and run for 4 consecutive Tuesdays, 3 to 4:30pm. The library has some laptops for students to use but we encourage you to bring your own if you have one. This is a wonderful opportunity to work with someone one-on-one to create a polished and professional resume.
August 21st is the Solar Eclipse and we have received 1000 solar glasses to share in the community. We will be getting those out and around town in early August. We will be sharing information on how to best (and safely) view the eclipse. We will be around 90% eclipsed here in Dayton so should see some significant changes in air temperatures, animal behavior, and darkness.