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Library News for the Week of Sunday April 15th

Library News for the Week of Sunday April 15th

By Shakira Bye

Books are a Hard-Bound Drug with no Danger of an Overdose. I am a Happy Victim of Books.”

-Karl Lagerfeld

It’s that time again! The Friends of the Dayton Memorial Library are having their Semi-Annual Book sale April 27th-April 29th at 250 E. Main Street, between Blue Mountain Realty and Rey’s Roast. This sale helps to raise money for Library Events, the Summer Reading Program, and various projects around the Library. They will have a great selection of high quality books and DVDs for super low prices! Hope to see you there!

“Native Plants give us a sense of where we are in this great land of ours. I want Texas to look like Texas and I want Vermont to look like Vermont.”

-Lady Bird Johnson

Things are beginning to bloom and I’m wondering if you have ever noticed that we have some of the most beautiful native plants. For example, the Blanket Flower is good for the garden as it adapts well to cultivation and is a perennial that tolerates heat. Black Twinberry is attractive and easy to grow and attracts bees, hummingbirds and even butterflies. One of my favorites, the Moonbeam Thread-leaved Tickseed flower, is similar to daisy’s but with pale yellow blooms. Moonbeam plants are drought tolerant and also attract bees as well as butterflies.

April 22nd – April 28th is Native Plant appreciation week. Here at the library we have some great booklets that were provided by the Columbia County Extension Office, showcasing Non Invasive plants for your garden. The booklets have beautiful pictures showcasing the plants so that they are easily recognized, as well as information on soil, sun, and if they are wildlife friendly. As you know, we have a gardening club every Saturday between one and two so please stop by Saturday, April twenty-first, to pick up a booklet as well as some native plant seeds graciously provided by our amazing Friends of the Dayton Memorial Library.

Also, we have brought Tech Tuesday’s with Charlie back, every Tuesday; so drop by between six and seven in the evening with all your computer, phone, and tablet questions and concerns.

Happy Reading!